Thank you for visiting our Meditation Teacher Training program page. You’re here because you have a desire to become a meditation teacher, and we hope to become your teachers as you step into this journey and evolve into the meditation teacher you dream to be!

This program will enable you to become a MINDFULNESS TEACHER using meditation as the primary tool. At Charlotte Meditation, we don’t just teach meditation—we LIVE it and so can you. You’ll thrive in the uplifting energy and peace of our community. With personal training and support, we help you become the teacher you truly want to be.

What is required to participate in this training program? We require that you spend one hour per week for 8 weeks of classroom instruction followed by “in the field” experiential training with Charlotte Meditation staff. This is included in our program content and structure.

This is 8 weeks of training, plus 16 hours of field work.

What are the benefits of our training program?

  • Ability to teach and facilitate mindfulness-based programs individually or with groups in a variety of settings: medical facilities, community agencies, non-profit organizations, schools, etc.
  • Connection with experienced meditation teachers through Charlotte Meditation
  • Training from knowledgeable and hands-on staff
  • Credits toward further advancement in Level II and beyond

What is the program content?

  • Techniques based on centuries-old yogic, meditation and practices of India
  • What meditation is and what it is not
  • How to teach other’s to meditate, what to do and what not to do
  • Using the breath to calm body and mind
  • Concentration techniques to overcome mental restlessness
  • Positive thinking techniques
  • How to help others open their hearts to compassion, care and respect for self and others
  • Effective presentation skills that contribute to dynamic teaching
  • Laughter Yoga, what is it and how to teach it to incorporate it into your content

What are the specifics of the Teacher Training Program?

  • 8-week course
  • A required 16-hours of field work assisted by Charlotte Meditation Staff
  • Each weekly session is 60 minutes
  • Personalized – there will be no more than 10 people per course
  • Presented in Charlotte Meditation Studio
  • Course sessions are normally held on Saturday mornings

Advance Registration is required.

$1,550 for full certification course (this includes field work)

If you’re ready to get going, then you can purchase now!
If you’d like more information, please setup an initial consultative session with us to talk more!