How Mindfulness Meditation Can Reduce Financial Anxiety During a Global Pandemic

Staying healthy and safe from an unpredictable virus is challenging enough, but, in addition, our financial worries are skyrocketing.  High unemployment, business shutdowns, and an uncertain stock market only exacerbate our anxiety when rent and mortgage payments are due and food prices are rising. Perhaps the current economic realities…

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Mindfulness Meditation to Reduce Anxiety During COVID-19

Mindfulness means intentionally bringing our awareness into the present moment, without judgment. Meditation is the practice of using a technique to train our attention and awareness, intentionally.  The ancient Chinese philosopher and writer Lao Tzu said, “If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are…

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Meditation Therapy: A Life-Changing Combination

Meditation.  Therapy.  Two different words, two distinct experiences.  Or so I thought…. I have experienced a lot of great therapy off and on over the years.  My nagging feelings of dissatisfaction and annoyance with the world (in spite of many successes) are often what landed me in “the chair.”…

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The Best of Intentions, Spiritually Speaking

My Experience with Meditation for Self-Discovery For many years, I was happy to meditate the way I had been taught: deep breathing followed by fifteen minutes of letting my thoughts come and go, morning and evening. (Note:  Sometimes I skipped because life happened and sometimes I skipped quite deliberately;…

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Meditation and Breathing Techniques Can Help You Alleviate Anxiety and Panic

Find yourself feeling depressed, anxious, or fearful due to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak and the uncertain circumstances it has brought? The CDC assures us that it’s a natural reaction to the stress of having our normal routines and usual social interactions changed so drastically in such an abrupt manner….

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Finding Your Happiness: Why is it so Elusive?

When most people are questioned about what will bring them happiness, they list good health, wealth or a successful career, fulfilling and successful relationships, and the ability to pursue work they find satisfying. While most individuals can explain that they want a happy life, a growing number of people…

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Mindful Eating, Mindful Living

2020. The start of a new decade. Time to turn over a new leaf and set some goals.  Let me guess, are “manage my stress” and “lose some weight” on your list?  Consider this: you can kill two birds with one stone by committing to a practice of mindfulness….

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Laughter Yoga with Charlotte Meditation.

Laugh yourself to health and happiness with laughter yoga

Why would I want to try laughter yoga in Charlotte? Laughter yoga is the best medicine, or this modern twist certainly goes a long way to being so. Laughter has always been seen to be contagious, and when one laughs, it is hard not to laugh along. The reason…

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Meditation Can Clear the Mind and Create Space

Meditation in Charlotte NC: Why do I need to be aware of my thoughts? Meditation can be one way to help the mind create space and rediscover a natural balance. All humans go through much of our life on autopilot. Ever since we were born, there are behaviors which…

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Reduce Anxiety Through Meditation: A New Mother’s Perspective

Written by Megan Brevard I found my way to meditation through a series of unfortunate events, and yes, I mean it. In 2012, I ended a toxic relationship and struggled to cope with what I knew was the best decision for my future but what felt like a failure….

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