Laugh for more joyful living

Laughter Yoga is a global movement for health, happiness and world peace. This unique and innovative technique blends ancient Yoga practices with the science of laughter to teach people ways and means of joyful living. Bring hearty laughter back into your life! You’ll learn simple and fun group exercises to help you “fake it” until the real deal kicks in.

Laughter Yoga has countless physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits.
Laughter is the best medicine for stress relief, improved communication skills, team building, and increased productivity.

Lift your spirits with Laughter Yoga

“Your body cannot heal without play. Your mind cannot heal without laughter. Your soul cannot heal without joy.”


  1. Reduces Stress Hormones.
  2. Strengthens immune system.
  3. Relaxes Muscles.
  4. Gives Cardio Work out.
  5. Improves NK cell activity.


Eliminate Stress and Anxiety, Enjoy Health and Happiness, essentials for breast cancer cure” ‘Laugh your way to a healthy mind, healthy body. 20 minutes of laughter yoga a day may help protect you from heart attack.

Corporate Health and Wellness Programs

Our laughter yoga workshops are designed to help companies and organizations transform their performance, increase their profitability and become leaders in their field. Laughter yoga can have a profound effect on both individual and corporate performance.

Laughter YogaNeed a unique icebreaker for your next conference?
Our Laughter Yoga workshops are designed to help companies and organizations have fun, build team spirit and increase energy. Laughter Yoga can have a profound effect on both individual and corporate performance.

Energize your employees with a series of meditation workshops or a Laughter Yoga session from Charlotte Meditation. Our custom workshops are created for managers, executives and staff at all levels.

Laughter Yoga Guru will bring awareness and education to your employees regarding the holistic lifestyle. The seminars will provide education on Laughter Yoga, mindful living, healing/organic foods, meditation and much more. The seminars will also provide resources for associates to immediately benefit from the education and knowledge gained from these seminar series.


Laughter Yoga Guru

Ranjit - the Laughter Guru!Laughter Yoga Guru is an Alternative health and wellness company created by Guru Ranjit Deora. The company’s customized and convenient programs enable busy people to take a proactive approach to health, stress management and reaching their full potential.

Guru Ranjit Deora specializes as a Corporate Wellness Consultant and is an expert in mind body balance programs in corporate environment. He is available to help you de-stress and motivate your staff and managers in a unique, effective and fun way.

He has been helping students find peace and other health benefits for over 21 years. Ranjit has been featured in Charlotte Magazine, interviewed on WBT, FOXTV and featured In the Charlotte Observer and other publications.

Our Clients Include:

Client list for companies and non-profit organizations benefiting from Guru Ranjit's Teachings

Bank of America Peak Fitness Clubs Pike Properties Center for Positive Living International House Home Instead Senior Care Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Central Piedmont Community College Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Charlotte Women's Commission Alexander Youth Network Gail Angelo Coaching and Consulting