Group Meditation Classes

Our Mindfulness Meditation group programs are a wonderful way of connecting with others to share and deepen your meditation practice. The program provides relaxation and stress relief for the community, a supportive space to connect with others while steadying and enriching your practice.

The Program Outline

  • 4-week online group classes
  • Each weekly session is 45- 60 minutes
  • Online via Zoom
  • Reduced price of $249 per person for 4 weeks (based on minimum 6 participants in a group)
  • Available: Monday to Saturday 8am to 7 pm

The program is also suitable for companies/ businesses facing challenges around building a cohesive team or needing to enhance a stress-free workplace.

The sessions are highly interactive, non-confrontational, and non-religious with mindfulness exercises and tips for real-life situations.

Sessions are offered in four steps:

  1. Breathing techniquesto rejuvenate and reduce stress and anxiety
  2. Meditation instructionto help build a practice you can do on your own
  3. Food and nutrition recommendations for increased health and wellness
  4. Mindfulness practicesfor work and in your personal life

You’ll learn natural methods to bring balance to your life. Simple meditation techniques plus Yogic breathing exercises with an Ayurvedic diet can boost your energy and stimulate your metabolism. Less stress means increased energy and vitality, improved sleep patterns, and more satisfaction in your daily life.

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