Find Your Inner Peace

Corporate Wellness Group Program

Stress Relief Solutions for Corporate America

The Program Outline

  • 4-week group meditation classes
  • Online via Zoom or Onsite location
  • Reduced price of $295 per person for 4 weeks (based on minimum 8 participants in a group)
  • Available: Monday- Friday 8am to 6pm EST

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You’ll learn natural methods to bring balance to your life. Simple meditation techniques plus Yogic breathing exercises with an Ayurvedic diet can boost your energy and stimulate your metabolism. Less stress means increased energy and vitality, improved sleep patterns, and more satisfaction in your daily life.

The program is suitable for companies/ businesses facing challenges around building a cohesive team or needing to create a stress-free workplace.

Community organizations and nonprofits may also benefit from our secular teachings of mindfulness meditation.

The primary objective in meditation is to coax the mind into an alpha (resting) or theta (deep relaxation) brainwave state so that the brain’s rhythm quiets down and the body releases natural painkillers called endorphins.

Charlotte Meditation’s Mindfulness Meditation classes are 45- to 60-minutes in duration and are designed to educate your employees on the benefits of meditation as a way to build a healthy and happy work force.

Sessions are offered in four steps:

  1. Breathing techniquesto rejuvenate and reduce stress and anxiety
  2. Meditation instructionto help build a practice you can do on your own
  3. Food and nutrition recommendations for increased health and wellness
  4. Mindfulness practicesat work and in your personal life


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Who We’ve Worked With and What They Say

Discovery Place Meditation Workshop
OMG, tonight was amazing. We had 54 people (over the cutoff). All the feedback was amazing. Thank you all so much for your diligent work. It was the most beautiful special practice in the most beautiful atmosphere. I hope so much we can do it again!!!
I loved every moment.
Thank you.


Thank you again for your time today! Staff really enjoyed the session. I enjoyed the session and really appreciated your guidance during the session.
Best regards,

Duke Endowment