A Real Solution for Physical and Mental Healing

If you are experiencing emotional, physical, relationship or career-related stress or distress, our meditation therapy program is for you. In this unique four-stage healing process you will evolve your emotional state to identify and release the very pain with which you struggle, and most importantly, fill the void with love, strength and empowerment.

The primary objective in meditative therapy is to induce the mind into an Alpha (resting) or theta (relaxing) brainwave state. In this state the brain’s rhythm appreciably quiets so that antibodies, and natural painkillers called endorphins, are released into the system.

Discover or develop a good health practice, reach personal, emotional and physical goals, learn and practice meditation, receive a nurturing cognitive therapy and practical strategies—even transform your diet and lifestyle according to your body’s specific needs.

A Real Solution for Physical and Mental Healing

This 10-Week Therapeutic Meditation program is for you if you have a desire to treat a very specific condition – depression, insomnia, etc.

What is therapeutic meditation? It is a potent tool for those who have been clinically diagnosed with an illness and are searching for healthy and effective ways to cope and even prosper. Meditation therapy does not have a templated blue print, instead, it’s specifically tailored to your condition and needs.

Ranjit can help you manage the things in your life that are causing great pain. This program is a longer and more intensive style of meditation that is powerful to use in conjunction with other treatment you’re receiving from other professionals (therapist, doctors, etc.).

The 10-week THERAPEUTIC MEDITATION program is right for you if  you…

  • Have high anxiety
  • Suffer from panic attacks
  • Have been diagnosed with an illness
  • Have a sleep disorder that is affecting your life and work in profound ways
  • Have anger management issues
  • Suffer from PTSD or other traumas
  • Have an eating disorder

How It Works

This is a four-stage healing process.

  1. We will help your emotional state evolve so that you can identify and release the very pain with which you struggle.
  2. We will then fill the void with love, strength and empowerment.
  3. The primary objective in meditative therapy is to coax the mind into an alpha (resting) or theta (deep relaxation) brainwave state so that the brain’s rhythm quiets and your body releases natural painkillers called endorphins.
  4. We will help you work on breathing techniques and discuss fundamentals of sleep and nutrition tendency (or “dosha,” as known in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian holistic health science).

The Program Outline

As part of this 10-week program, you will receive:

  • Personalized and private 1:1 instruction with Ranjit at the Charlotte Meditation studio, client and teacher-only sessions.
  • Each weekly session is 60 minutes in length, at your convenience (scheduled upfront after your initial conversation and can change weekly to accommodate teacher/your schedule)
  • Course normally held any time 8am-8pm, Monday-Saturday
  • Presented in Charlotte Meditation studio. Chair available if sitting on floor is uncomfortable for you

Advance Registration is required.

Total for the 10-weeks: $1,250.00

You can pay in full or break into 3 equal payments of $417.00 (1 due up front and $417.00 every 3rd week for a total of $1,251.00). Your credit card will be on file with PayPal and will be charged every 3rd week for the final 2 payments.

If you’re ready to get going with our Therapeutic Meditation Program, then you can purchase now!

If you’d like more information, please setup an initial consultative session with us to talk more!

Want to Know More?

Join us at our Myers Park Studio for a free information session to learn more about meditation. Meet your certified instructor for a 60 minute session that will introduce you to the benefits and techniques of meditation.

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