I’m sitting with my guru in a “meditation + chat” session.  The conversation turns to my constant struggle with “what do I do next?”

“How do you feel when you THINK about doing something?” asks Guru.


“How do you feel when you are actually DOING it?”


BINGO!  Light bulb ON!  In that short exchange, the heavens open and I discover clarity of mind.

All too often, the anticipation of “what I could be doing” starts feeling like STRESS.  (“Well, I could work on that project/ learn a new skill/ clean out the garage/ have that conversation with so-and-so.  But what if it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to?  What if I have to work harder/ make more decisions/ admit defeat?  Maybe it’s better if I just sit here….“)

Then along come the SHOULDS.  (“I should be able to go ahead and do XYZ instead of sitting here wasting time.  I should be able to make a choice and get on with it.   I shouldn’t feel so stuck; after all, this isn’t rocket science.”)

Anxiety about the outcome, anxiety about the future, attachment to predicting the unknown, “analysis is paralysis.”   Where’s the fun in that?

The minute I recognize my procrastination as fear and I decide to “take things lightly,” I move ahead and DO something with the notion that I will “see what happens.”  I experience a feeling of adventure, a camaraderie with the anxiety that was keeping me glued to my seat with inaction.  I feel at ease because I am engaged in the present “doing no matter how it turns out.

Let’s face it.  DOING is much more relaxing than THINKING ABOUT DOINGDOING is confidence in myself and everything that unfolds as a result of my action. So, go ahead:  JUST DO IT and see what happens!