Why would I want to try laughter yoga in Charlotte?

Laughter yoga is the best medicine, or this modern twist certainly goes a long way to being so. Laughter has always been seen to be contagious, and when one laughs, it is hard not to laugh along. The reason it is so beneficial is the body releases endorphins, or the feel-good hormones.

When we couple this with yoga, we find we have the best of both worlds. There are numerous health benefits as well as making us feel on top of the world. Want to know more about laughter yoga and what it can do for you?

What is Laughter Yoga?
This concept was created back in the mid-90s by an Indian physician Madan Kataria. It was here that the same benefits, which were found in spontaneous laughter, could be found in voluntary laughter. After a short while, and like anything, which really is beneficial, it spread around the globe and laughter yoga clubs sprung up everywhere.

The difference here is the laughter is not induced by humor, yet by exercises. When performing laughter yoga, there is no need to get into any yoga positions, and all you have to do is laugh.

Practicing laughter yoga, and how to do it
A laughter yoga class will begin with some chitchat and conversation regarding laughing. There is then some warm up exercises like breathing and stretching. During the session. There will be laughter games, and toward the end, there will be reflection with a period of silent meditation.

Laughing needs to come from the diaphragm, and if you have deep belly laughs, then this is all the better. There are four basic elements, which make up the laughter yoga class and include chanting and clapping, laughter yoga breathing techniques, playing like a child and laughter yoga exercises.

Each element is designed to induce different results, like lifting the mood and triggering pleasant memories in childlike playfulness.

What benefits will I see in laughter yoga?
When you laugh for extended periods, you can find the most benefits in performing laughter yoga. Immediately, the body has an increase in oxygen absorption and increased blood flow. This will improve the functions of blood vessels and help lower blood pressure.

Many see these exercises as forms of low-impact cardio exercise for the elder generation. Other advantages are it requires no equipment or dedicated area, and is as easy to perform at home, as it is in a classroom environment.

Laughter yoga, in Charlotte NC, benefits everyone
There are five key areas where laughter yoga can benefit everyone. The more common reactions from people who take part in these sessions include

• The Body: Laughter yoga relaxes the body while energizing, this helps for stress, anxiety and pain to fade.
• The Mind: Participants find their minds become clearer and thoughts are sharper
• Social: When done in a class, you connect easier with people around you, this spreads into regular life
• Spiritual: You tend to find your self-confidence and self-esteem receive a boost. With this you are more trusting and peaceful
• Emotions: You find you become more emotionally balanced

No matter what age participants are, everyone can find benefits from laughter yoga in their local classes. These Charlotte Meditation Laughter Yoga Classes are fun to attend, and there is little chance you won’t leave with a smile on your face.