You’re either going to fly with angel wings or land on human feet.

AdamI used to think 1+1=2 was the simplest thing in the world.  Not so, my dear friend.  I learned today that the simplest thing is so simple no one ever gets it or ever really does it.  It may be the simplest thing to realize but I’m wondering how simple it’s going to be to pull off or to get across in this post.  I’ve talked to my dad, my mom, Wooten, a friend and the “discussion” always seems to take much explaining.  But it’s simple.  You know why?  Life is simple.  So simple, it’s silly.  There are really only two things that matter. Drum roll please for something that is so much more than Charlie Bucket’s Golden Ticket.  It’s the Grand Prize.  You know, the one Charlie wins when he gives back the gobstopper because he proves he’s the only kindhearted one in the story.  Just three words.


Live long

You notice the “poetic” title I came up with as I sat down to wrestle this writing beast?  You know what?  I was going to wind this tale all the way to that.  Truth be told, I’m tired.  It’s late.  This piece of enlightenment made me realize I should only do things I really feel like doing.  And if you want to know how I came up with this or who told me this you’ll just have to wait until I’m really to sit down again.

Because right now…I’m trying to let go of discipline.  Discipline is something I’ve never been good at but something that always haunted me because I wasn’t good at it.  So, I’m letting go of that.  In fact, me NOT finishing this is part of my training. I’m going to pick this thought up when I feel like it.

But I would strongly encourage you to look at those two things and see if you can add to them, argue with them or find a flaw in any of the logic presented here.

On that note, good night.