Staying healthy and safe from an unpredictable virus is challenging enough, but, in addition, our financial worries are skyrocketing.  High unemployment, business shutdowns, and an uncertain stock market only exacerbate our anxiety when rent and mortgage payments are due and food prices are rising. Perhaps the current economic realities paint a dismal picture for the future of your financial well-being, but mindfulness meditation can reduce the panic you may be feeling.

What are the symptoms of anxiety disorder?

Physical symptoms include what you might expect:  stomachaches, headaches, exhaustion, inability to fall sleep/ stay asleep, irritability, and a feeling of inertia coupled with restlessness.  Behavioral symptoms specific to financial anxiety might find you

  • Watching TV or checking devices for hours each day, seeking financial news
  • Obsessively thinking about ways to guarantee your financial future
  • Imagining and ruminating over “worst case” financial scenarios
  • Constantly checking your bank account information

How can mindfulness meditation help me?

Anxiety is caused by constantly projecting into a future that does not exist.  Mindfulness meditation trains your mind to be in the present where you can relax and find clarity.  You know what to do and what not to do especially when faced with uncertainty.  We desire peace in our lives, but we have no idea how to get there.  One way to achieve habits that create trust in uncertain financial times is through the practice of mindfulness meditation skills.

What is my next step?

Guru Ranjit Deora has developed unique programs of mindfulness meditation and meditation therapy, specialized to deal with the practicalities and stressors of modern life.  For over 20 years, Charlotte Meditation has offered customized, in-person instruction at our Myers Park studio and now also offers online programs at your convenience.  Instruction includes one-on-one or group practice in meditation, mindfulness, breathing exercises, and stress management caused by financial uncertainty or otherwise.  In just a few lessons, you can learn skills to reduce your anxiety for a lifetime.

Corporations can also reduce stress and promote productive communication through our Corporate Wellness course, an eight-week program designed by Guru Ranjit to reclaim health and happiness at work.

Guru Ranjit has been profiled in The Charlotte Observer, Charlotte Magazine, and The Matthews Record, and interviewed on WBT and FOX TV. Contact him by phone (704-277-6049), email (, or through our website ( and set up your complimentary introductory session!