Now, more than ever, you are impacted by daily difficulties.  We are here online during this challenging time to provide peace and relaxation to the Charlotte area and beyond.  We have refreshed our live, online sessions to connect with you in your place of comfort.

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Guru Ranjit Deora

Meditation is the technique for inner peace and wellness, a mental exercise that involves relaxation, focus, and mindfulness.

“It has helped millions of people around the world. It has certainly helped me find inner calm and emotional balance to live a happier and healthier life.”

Guru Ranjit has been teaching mindfulness meditation for over 25 years.

He founded Charlotte Meditation in 2004 and Youth Meditation, a non-profit, in 2014. We have helped over 6000 students and teachers.

We offer classes in Mindfulness, Meditation Therapy, Mantra Meditation, Meditation Teachers Training, Corporate Wellness, Laughter Yoga and Ayurveda food and nutrition program.


Charlotte Meditation’s Unique Approach

All these types of meditation get you to a place of peace, but certain methods work best for certain people. Based on your Dosha, or constitution, Guru Ranjit can help you figure out the best type for you.

Discover Your Dosha Type

Whether you come to us as a beginner in meditation, are seeking help for a specific issue like anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, anger, relationship problems or want to take your meditation practice to a new level of spirituality, we have meditation programs for you.

Virtual Classes Offered

Mindfulness Meditation

Meditate anywhere.

Meditation Therapy

Mental and Physical Healing

Meditation Teachers Training

Learn to teach with us

Group Meditation Classes

Bring balance to your life

Laughter Yoga

people smiling

Laugh with us.

Laughter is the Best Medicine for Stress Relief


Healing with Food and Meditation

On demand classes



“Guru Ranjit has truly transformed my life from the inside out.”

~Anthony Moore, Real Estate Broker & Developer, Pike Properties, Charlotte NC


“Ranjit’s ability to teach the meditative aspects of yoga was a natural complement to my work.”

~Rasheedah Hasan, Senior Vice President, Bank of America


“My experience with Guru Ranjit was truly life changing. Our weekly sessions were the highlight of each week for me, and I always left with a profound sense of peace and self- awareness. I’m grateful beyond words for his guidance.”

~Nicole Richards


“Oh Ranjit, my heart is FULL!! Thank you for showing me peace and for showing me how to find my strength. You are such a blessing to me!”

~Dani Lee, First Citizens Bank, and now Pax Meditation LLC