Help Us Help Children. Become a Youth Meditation Instructor.

Youth Meditation has served thousands of children across the Carolinas.

Here is how our program is helping kids… and teachers:

“There was a lot of conflict in my family but when she [YM instructor] taught us these techniques it was like opening another door to more peace within the family and not just conflict. Whenever anyone of us is having any kind of conversation whether something simple like what restaurant we are going to eat at or something serious it really helped us be together. Even my family is starting to practice meditation and we are just trying to be better together.” ~Olympic High School Student

“My mom and I had an argument on Friday. I realized I had been replaying that argument in my head until Sunday. When she called again I used the techniques she [YM instructor] gave me and we didn’t argue. We agreed to disagree, respected each other’s position and I realized that I didn’t keep replaying it.” ~Ashley Park Teacher

“When I got home I realized I had locked myself out of my house. I was tired and angry that I had done it. I used the breathing techniques and calmed down. I felt better and knew what I had to do. It wasn’t such a big deal after all.” ~Ashley Park Teacher

“I used my breathing when I was in trouble with my grandma. I was afraid that she was going to take something away from me because I didn’t let out the dogs like I was supposed to. I was upset so I used my breathing and I took out the dogs. I didn’t say anything so my grandmother calmed down and didn’t take anything away from me.” ~Ashley Park 5th grader

“Some girl called me a name at recess and I didn’t like it. I thought about calling them something back but instead I used my breathing. I felt better and he didn’t do anything.” ~Ashley Park 1st grader

Help Your Child Excel

What causes some children to thrive on learning while others struggle? Foods lacking in intelligence disturbs the intellect and mind, and it disrupts the intellectual rhythm. When children are eating unintelligent food, they are not nourishing the mind with minerals, vitamins, and other aspects of nature’s intelligence, another cause of mental deficiency in children not getting enough sleep. If children do not go to bed on time, or if they watch violent TV shows before bed, that can disrupt sleep.

Read more information here about preventing ADHD too.

Keys to Mind Power

Manage Stress – High levels of stress, anxiety and depression negatively impact both mind and body. Learn Mindfulness Meditation technique, or find other ways to relax.

Get Your Zzzzs – Sleep deprivation leads to diminished mental performance. Meditation / Ayurveda consider sleep to be a basic building block for good mind/body health

Eat fresh, pure foods — Stay away from foods with chemicals, pesticides or additives. The purer the foods you eat, the more of their intelligence you absorb.

Balance Nutrition powerEat food rich in healthy proteins, such as from soy, with plenty of fruits and vegetables, is good for enhancing mental potential. Don’t take fat out of your diet entirely, fat plays some essential roles in the physiology.

The Power of Antioxidants – Eat antioxidant foods. Recent study shows that blueberries are powerful food for the brain because of their antioxidant value.

Keep that Brain Working! –Keep your mind active to keep it running. So keep those creative juices flowing and exercise your brain regularly and feed well.

Meditation and Ayurveda recommends fresh, organic foods that are prepared using intelligent cooking methods. This means that they are prepared in a way that does not destroy nature’s intelligence, and in a way that creates bliss after eating.

Ranjit Deora is a meditation master teacher, a holistic thinker and a life coach who enjoys helping people connect with their true selves and find happiness within. In his lessons on Mindful Meditation, the India native focuses on the mental dimensions of this ancient practice, bringing the benefits of joy as well as improved overall health.