Doing is believing.

Are you at a standstill?  Do you want to refresh your meditation practice and rediscover the personal peace and internal freedom that mindfulness meditation creates?

Best if you: 

  • Want to restore or strengthen your personal practice
  • Want to explore specific unmet goals
  • Want to further examine a particular area of your life
  • Want to rediscover positive aspects of yourself you may have forgotten
  • Want to relieve stress and sleep better

How It Works:

I invite you to refresh your meditation practice with me!” – Guru Ranjit Deora

With Guru Ranjit’s guidance, you’ll explore your current mindfulness meditation practice and focus on the concerns with which you still struggle.  You may work on breathing techniques and discuss fundamentals that you have forgotten.  With renewed energy and deeper self-discovery, you will set an intention, something you’d like to begin manifesting by the end of your sessions.  It could be as simple as eating more mindfully or as complex as being more patient with your partner.

If you are struggling with your practice but realize it is exactly what you need to reduce your stress and to move forward with decisions and actions that are best for you, then this refresher course is for you.  Renew your practice and rejuvenate your clarity of mind!

The Program Outline

  • 4-week course
  • Each weekly session is 60 minutes
  • Personalized – One-on-one course
  • Presented in Charlotte Meditation Studio
  • Courses normally held between 8am – 8pm M – F
  • $475 for 4 weeks
NOTE: Chair is available if sitting on the floor is uncomfortable for you.