The Beginners Meditation Class is designed to help you learn how to meditate. Simply stated, the key to learning meditation is by doing it. This beginners course is designed to help you establish a consistent meditation practice. This course is offered
for those who may not be able to participate in the traditional 8-week course. Find new tools for living with greater ease, joy, depth, resilience and balance.

Students will learn two very powerful techniques: Breath Meditation (the heart of Eastern meditation systems) and Mindfulness Meditation (the core instruction of learning mind and body balance). Both are proven to be of immense value and benefit to practitioners.

Benefits of Beginners Meditation:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Greater focus and productivity
  • Spontaneous joy and inner satisfaction
  • Greater intuition and clarity
  • Increased creativity

Course Content:

  • Managing stress at work and at home
  • Effective strategies for increasing focus and clarity
  • Effective communication
  • Less stressful and more productive ways to manage conflict
  • Improving connections with family, friends and peers
  • Benefits and practice of laughter


  • 4 Weeks
  • Each weekly session is 60 minutes
  • Presented in Charlotte Meditation Studio
  • Comfortable clothing suggested
  • No special equipment or materials required

* NOTE: Chairs available if sitting on the floor is uncomfortable for you

Limited to 10 participants

Advance Registration is required

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