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Get Real Results with the Power of Inspired Coaching Add little more laughter and inspiration in your life

Life Coach Charlotte brings you a unique and innovative Life and wellness coaching technique with the science of Mindful yoga and philosophy to teach people the ways and means of joyful living. If you have stress in your life from work or personal obligations this is a terrific way to learn how to enjoy life more.

Benefits of inspired coaching

  • more clarity, inspiration, and sense of purpose
  • a feeling of being more self-directed
  • improved ability to stay grounded and steady in the face of fear and uncertainty
  • more compassion and forgiveness for self and others
  • better capacity to navigate life’s ups and downs with poise and grace
  • more appreciation for life as it is now, while on their way to their envisioned future

The company’s customized and convenient Coaching programs enable busy people to take a proactive approach to health and wellness, stress management and reaching their full potential.

Guru Ranjit
Guru Ranjit is an experienced yoga and meditation teacher, holistic
thinker and life coach. Through mind body awareness and Ayurvedic
medicine, Ranjit has been helping people experience emotional freedom,
physical healing and increased consciousness for over 21 years.

His practice is devoted to helping individuals find success, peace and
fulfillment both at work and home.

He has been featured in Charlotte Magazine, interviewed on WBT, FOXTV, the Charlotte Observer and other publications.

Our programs include Personal Life Coaching, Stress Reduction Programs, Corporate Wellness Coaching, and Youth Development and Leadership Coaching.

Stress Reduction Program

Mindful stress management program is a way of learning to relate directly to whatever is happening in your life, a way of taking charge of your life, a way of doing something for yourself that no one else can do for you — consciously and systematically working with your own stress, pain, illness, and the challenges and demands of everyday life.

Personal coaching sessions are available by appointment, or by phone, or Skype.

Personal Life Coaching Sessions

Personal life coaching sessions focus on your health, wellness, relationships, finances, personal development/growth and developing greater work/life balance. It can also include some more advanced areas like life purpose, legacy and spirituality. Managing a perfect balance between professional and personal life is not easy and the stress might leave just too tired to connect to others. So you need to reflect and introspect and repair yourself with the help of a personal life coach.

Life Coach Charlotte will help you to tap your hidden potential and emerge as a more balanced individual in the areas of health and wellness, professional growth, personal relationships, and finance. It is about finding balance in all the areas of your life so that you are more empowered in mind, body, and spirit.

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Corporate Wellness Coaching

Don’t just motivate. Inspire.

Inspiration is what starts the process off, motivation is what keeps the process going, and satisfaction is what you achieved from the amount of inspiration and motivation you gave

Team Building Leadership skills. Productivity and Creativity, Motivation, communication and Positive Work Environment

Our life and wellness programs are designed to help companies and organizations transform their performance, increase their profitability and become leaders in their field. Life and wellness coaching can have a profound effect on both individual and corporate performance.

We don’t offer generic courses or abstract theory. Instead, we offer solutions linked to your specific company initiatives and business needs.

Most companies fixate on what’s called instrumental motivation – things like merit increases, cash bonuses, free days of vacation and so on. It’s carrot and stick management. Does it work? Sure. Almost everyone is motivated at least somewhat by money.

Our programs are created for managers, executives and staff at all levels. Group size from 15 to 125 members

Try our life and wellness coaching programs. Life Coach Charlotte will bring awareness and education to your employees regarding the holistic lifestyle.

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Youth Development and Leadership Coaching

The Mindful Health Awareness coaching program teaches young people how to fully tune in to their minds and bodies. The Mindful Health Awareness Program empowers students with practical knowledge and effective tools utilizing group discussions and interactive games for managing their stress, emotions and weight as they navigate through student life.

Youth share their experiences in a safe open forum setting. Group discussions are designed to help them feel at ease in challenging situations, and increase confidence and inner strength to better handle criticism and peer pressure. Interactive games help them practice problem-solving strategies and life skills. Teamwork exercises teach cooperation and conflict resolution.

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