Meditation Therapy

A Real Solution for Physical and Mental Healing

If you are experiencing emotional, physical, relationship or career-related stress or distress, our meditation therapy program is for you. In this unique four-stage healing process you will evolve your emotional state to identify and release the very pain with which you struggle, and most importantly, fill the void with love, strength and empowerment.

The primary objective in meditative therapy is to induce the mind into an Alpha (resting) or theta (relaxing) brainwave state. In this state the brain’s rhythm appreciably quiets so that antibodies, and natural painkillers called endorphins, are released into the system.

Discover or develop a good health practice, reach personal, emotional and physical goals, learn and practice meditation, receive a nurturing cognitive therapy and practical strategies—even transform your diet and lifestyle according to your body’s specific needs.

This program is right for you if you want to:
  • Relieve anxiety, intense stress or depression
  • Normalize blood pressure, reduce risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Increase your health and vitality
  • Get off the mood roller coaster
  • Have more energy
  • Improve your sleep
  • Build better relationships with spouse, family, friends, and colleagues
What does the Meditation Therapy include?
  • A practice specific to your needs that is yours for a lifetime
  • The fundamentals of mantra meditation
  • Your personal mantra based on your dosha
  • Breathing techniques
  • Meditation and Mindfulness instruction and practice
  • Practical techniques for quieting and focusing the mind
  • Practical tools to alleviate tension, high stress and anxiety
What are the specifics?
  • 8 week course
  • Each weekly session is 60 minutes to suit your schedule
  • These sessions are private – Instructor and client only
  • Presented in Charlotte Meditation Studio
  • Private sessions are normally held between 8am – 8pm Monday – Saturday – at the client’s convenience.
  • $950.00 for 8 weeks to last a lifetime

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